NMBLC Champions Non Violent Protest

Our community and this organization stands for justice and the public good and we denounce all else.

We’ve been through this before as a nation. The experiences that have played out this week have, for the most part, made our hearts heavy and have reminded us of the fact that as Martin Luther King Jr said, “there are two Americas”. We recognize the trauma that has been actualized repeatedly with black people and other people of color in the United States and we must do everything possible to effect healing change. As an organization, we understand and hold space for the anger, hurt, and somberness of the situation we face as a nation. Additionally, we demonstratively know that these trying times can be overcome safely and effectively—but only together and only when we openly acknowledge and appropriately address the systemic racism that is the true culprit of these all too familiar injustices.

We believe that any demonstrations that occur illuminating these injustices should be done in a peaceful manner. We do not condone violence of any kind, whether it is state-sanctioned or carried out by individuals. We must protest peacefully and collectively to uplift our wishes and to also ensure we keep our community safe.

Let us make our demands for equality, humanity, and justice known civilly and safely. The routes we take for positive change should not be framed as an "either/or," but rather as "both/and." Diversity of engagement is important in achieving our goals of liberty and justice for all. Voting, speaking up at local council meetings, and speaking with our representatives are all positive and powerful tools for change. Let us engage with our brothers and sisters to see what strengths we can draw upon to effectuate radical change in our own boroughs. We can do ALL things when we are together and organized—chaos will result when we are separate and disorganized. Our ancestors stood together in solidarity with each other and I know we can do the same today. This is a moment when the soul of our democracy hangs in the balance—decide where you will stand. We will advocate and protest for good and justice and denounce all else.

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