NMBLC on Investment in the Black Community

The New Mexico Black Leadership Council applauds the City of Albuquerque’s One Albuquerque Fund initiative to invest in the Black community. We believe that adopting an emergent strategy to focus energy on true systemic change and long term sustainability is key to a positive impact. 401 years of experience tells us that structural inequity is designed to be self-perpetuating and that any endeavor created to support individuals and communities that are affected by these disparities should be completely designed by the impacted community itself. We are looking forward to investments that are transformational and not transactional and discrete.

Further, the Black community is not a monolith. Multiple individuals, organizations, and economic development strategies need to be involved in order for a truly self-sustaining investment to flourish. We hope that a varied array of entities will be invited to participate in the implementation of this effort. Tactics that celebrate and embrace the diversity that exists in the rich tapestry of the Black community in New Mexico will forge strong connections between all communities, and uplift the city and the state together.

Our guiding principle is to strengthen and build community from the inside out. To accomplish this, we all must participate fully in the political, economic, and social vibrancy of New Mexico. When we succeed in this, all of us will know it and it will be undeniable. And we will continue to work with everyone who understands and acts out of the knowledge that what we do today is only the beginning of dismantling inequitable government and corporate systems. To be clear, this is a tipping point, not a flash point, a movement—not a moment.

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